Fun Watches! Are You Crazy or What?

Are you tired of always being a “grown-up”? I know I get tired of it. All the day-to-day stresses and commitments. So at times I just like to wear something fun!

For me, to wear a watch that no one would think I’d put on is a blast!

Now my husband, kids and son-in-law know I am, let’s say “unique”, for a nicer word.

Most would say weird or strange. Yes I still color, play jacks, play at the park “when no one is around”, and still believe in ghosts!

I have a Looney Tunes watch that I have written about, and I have a Tigger and Winnie the Pooh watches that I kept when my daughter was going to throw them out. I see Tinkerbell watches that I know one day I will get. I just think that sometimes we need to let that inner child out to play! We all have one whether we admit it or not.

Just this year we gave our son-in-law a Batman watch and it was really pretty. It wasn’t a childlike watch, it was black with a gray face and the Batman logo in black on it. I LOVED that one, but since he likes Batman I didn’t want to get one just like it.

I keep telling my kids to watch out for when I’m older, because I’m going to have my second childhood, and I’m going to be one “ornery” old lady!
They just laugh, but I truly think they don’t believe me.

So if you happen to see someone wearing a cartoonish, or even what you may think of as a kids watch, don’t make fun of them. They just might be trying to bring back a bit of their inner child!

Sometimes it can help to relieve the stresses of adulthood!
I know it does for me.Man of Steel Silver ExtremeLet me know what kind of watches you like to wear for fun in the comment section below.Return to Homepage
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