TerryHello and thank you for taking the time to read our about page. My name is Terry and I am the creator of World Class Timepieces.

At World Class Timepieces the main topic will be all things watch related.
This is where our passion lies.

In the upcoming articles and reviews we’ll be discussing latest news and releases, watches that may have already been released, and perhaps on occasion pieces that are no longer available but yet very note worthy.

What you won’t find here are articles that will take you an hour to read.
We believe in cutting out the unnecessary filler, while still giving you the information you need to make an informed decision about the watches you’re interested in.

We welcome Robin as our newest writer featuring women’s watches.

I’m very happy that Robin has been able to take time from her schedule to help out with articles and reviews from her perspective. At first she thought she would only do this on occasion as a help to me, but as time went on she says she really began to enjoy sharing her thoughts and articles with you.
Robin hopes that in some small way she can help you learn a bit about watches.
Be sure to leave her your comments to let her know.

In no way do we claim to own or have owned all of the watches we’ll be discussing.

We encourage you to jump in and give your thoughts on any of the articles. We’re always happy to hear someone else’s thoughts and point of view.

In the end we want this to be a give and take as well as a learning experience for us all, so your thoughts are very welcome in the comment sections below the articles and reviews.

So sit back, have a look around, and remember to check back often.
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